We love helping others look at their space with a new perspective and get excited about its potential!  Working alongside the owner or seller sharing stories and learning about their lifestyle, dreams, and wishes for the space is what we enjoy most. Together we will  transform it and bring the vision to life!

Kieran Ginesi - Owner/Creative Director

We love connecting with others and transforming spaces...

Kieran Ginesi, Owner and Creative Director of Hazel Eye for Design, is here to guide you through the process of preparing your home to sell, appreciating the memories you have made there and creating connections like these for home buyers. Whether your home is occupied or vacant, Hazel Eye for Design will position each piece with purpose, so your property stands out and photographs beautifully. We approach each project, big or small, with creativity, professionalism, compassion, and knowledge of the current market.

Kieran’s nurturing attributes, hard work and dedication have led her through a career in healthcare for thirty years, where she cared for people of all ages, experienced personal and professional growth, held leadership positions and mentored many. Born and raised in New Orleans, Kieran has always had a love and appreciation for style, design and the unique architecture of New Orleans homes. She was influenced by her aunt and uncle who built and designed many homes in New Orleans and Metairie. Kieran was compelled to follow her childhood dream and after her years in healthcare she completed Donaldson Real Estate School. The knowledge she gained as a licensed agent for six years inspired her to fully embrace her passion for helping others to experience the nostalgia and ultimate setting of their home, before listing it for the world to see. Through this transformational process, Hazel Eye for Design, was born. Kieran knows from life experience that selling a home may be bittersweet for some, while super exciting for others. Wherever you are in the journey, Kieran will meet you in that space with ease and understanding. 

Creating warm welcoming spaces and making a house feel like home is Kieran’s favorite thing to do. So, whether you are selling or living in your dream home, Kieran is excited to share her Hazel Eye for Design with you!

When Kieran is not working as a professional home stager, redesigning a space, or selling a house, you can find her biking on the Tammany Trace or shopping the local farmer’s market.  She loves birdwatching, porch sitting with her husband, gardening, and watching baseball at Alex Box Stadium. She has a large extended family and enjoys traveling the states to spend precious time with them. 


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